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Use Turmeric To Get Perfect Skin!

Posted on, 2015-07-02 by Aarti Vohra, Category Care

Turmeric or ‘Haldi’ is easily available in the market and is used in our houses everyday but none of us ever thought about its benefits on our skin. It not only adds colour to our food but is a very effective anti-ageing substance, and can be used to resolve numerous common problems.

Turmeric has been used in various beauty products and it cures many skin problems.

  1. Look Young: Turmeric has great quality to remove signs of ageing. Take 2 spoon of gram flour and ¼th spoon of turmeric powder and prepare a paste by adding water, curd or raw milk. Apply on your body and leave it till it dries. Wash it off with warm water and scrub gently.

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  1. Dark circles: Turmeric helps in reducing dark circles. Combine it with buttermilk or sugarcane juice and apply on your face.  Wait till it dries and then wash with luke warm water.


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  1. Burns: Turmeric is also known for antiseptic properties. In case you accidently burn your skin. You should put turmeric powder for instant relief. Make a paste of turmeric and aloe Vera gel and apply on burn to heal wound.

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  1. Crack Heels: For crack heels make a mixture of coconut oil and turmeric powder. Apply this mixture on cracked heels 15 minutes before you take a bath, the results will startle you!


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  1. Stretch Marks: Make a mixture of gram flour and turmeric with milk, water or curd. This paste will help to lighten stretch marks.

Try these turmeric mixtures for glowing and healthy skin!

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