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Set Your Soul Free!

Posted on, 2015-06-19 by Aditi Parashar, Category Editor's Desk

(A Special Note from the Editor’s Desk)

I am not a great writer but I might’ve been about seven when my conscience registered that I could write. I never wrote to invite change, I wrote mostly because I could.

I wasn’t all about activism, leading with example or even pro-sharing my writing before this one particular incident. I was 13 and I hurt my hand in a basket-ball match; so hard that playing it again was one ball out of the court. That was one time I couldn’t write.

And that changed everything.

I was frustrated, cranky and just too unlike myself. My parents gave it away as the on-set of my teenage. I swear to god, I just wanted to write though; share stories I saw and felt.

Inevitably so, I had created weaponry with my writing. That was my means to express.

Now before you jump to conclude me as a shy person, I am rather talkative. But I am selective and reserved and that makes life difficult for someone with a head exploding with unusual thoughts at all times.

And then it dawned on me, I wrote ‘cause I could but it was all a part of my expression.

Well, isn’t it absolutely hilarious how we take things for granted like that?

A singer doesn’t sing his best till he has had his heart-broken, you’d say or that artists stay high too much to get their best art out. But ask a singer whose throat is screeched, or the artist who can no longer hold his pencil ‘cause his hands tremble due to excessive smoking.

That’s what hits home. That’s when the masterpiece is carved out; the lifetime-achievement-worthy piece is created.

“Cause you only need light when it’s burning low, only miss the sun when it starts to snow!”

When you have nothing left to lose and your fear of losing that means of your expression seems to be going away, that’s when you bloom. That’s when you realize your true paradise.

Enough pressure and warmth and the egg cracks, just enough to set the soul free. Don’t let your demons hide; release the beast that drives you and it shall drive you well, only if once you do. Unleash that monster of feelings once and believe.

That’s when you realize that you’re the true paradise!

Now in this world so conscious of the glitz and glamour, how often do you find a magazine with a conscience of itself; binding various aspects of your life as the most perfect example of epitome of expression?

Lucky for you, you’ve already found it as we re-launch in all our might.

We, at Haut.Monde India Magazine, cater to the kind of audience that feels. We are not in any fight to establish anything, just believers of freedom in expression; freedom of the soul! So be your own everything, read a little here, indulge and stalk too and if you are dying to give your expression wings, write to us. Click a picture maybe; just share a story.

And till then, burn in the fire of your heart! Gamble feelings for the stories and lose yourself to celebrate yourself! And most importantly, be your own hero, do the right thing when the right thing isn’t the easiest to do.

In an ever-lasting hope of undying efforts made up of spirits to stir your soul a little each time, if not set it free.

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