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She Is Love Personified - Rekha

Posted on, 2015-10-15 by Stalker, Category Entertainment

On her birthday, Rekha was asked about how does it feel to be 61, yes she turned 61 on October 10th! The actress replied,“Why? Are you in denial? I'm not. I've accepted everything in life. My mother taught me to take everything in life from age to criticism with humility. You've to have the confidence to carry your age without self consciousness. I'm proud even of that wrinkle which appears on my face. It's a symbol of all that life has taught me for years. Aging is so inevitable. All the choices I've made, all the people I've met, all the hurt and all the happiness... they've all carved every contour on my face. And I'm proud of them all."

She also added ,“I don't give that much importance to physical beauty. My looks are only a small part of my personality. Looks are just a reflection of who you are from within. No amount of expensive saris, diamonds and makeup cannot make you look beautiful unless you at peace inside. Lots of wordly wrongs have happened to me but I didn't wallow in them and let them effect me in a negative way. Everyday I go through the bad and the good. There's an angel and devil within me. It's up to us to choose who rules our lives. We all have a choice in life. We can make something positive happen in every situation. That's the key to my life. I'm always asked why I'm so calm all the time, is it a facade? I agree I'm a great actor on screen. But no one can live a lifetime of lies. I don't believe in living a lie. But I know a lot of people think I live a lie. If that's how they feel about me, so be it."

She was then asked about love, to which the actress had some utmost inspiring thoughts, she said, “I'm not so nave as to believe in love any more. It's delusional to expect love from others. When you've so much of it within you why would you want it from anyone? I'm not someone who chases illusions. I wake up every morning and smell the coffee. I don't believe in getting love, I only believe in giving love. Because I'm love personified. I expect nothing from anyone else. I only have expectations from myself. I've huge huge dreams and aspirations for myself. I guess I was indifferent in dozens of my films. But love was never the reason. I don't need anyone or anything. I only need to recognize my flaws, not repeat my mistakes and try to better myself. That's my constant endeavour."

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