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Reasons Why We Have Fallen In Love With Ranbir Kapoor!

Posted on, 2015-09-29 by Kanchan Singh, Category Entertainment

The chocolaty boy, Ranbir Kapoor turned 33 yesterday! He has completed 5 years in Bollywood and is considered one of the best actors, all credit goes to his acting skills, electric energy and ofcourse his charming looks! Taking his legacy forward, he has played diverse roles on screen and has been keeping the ‘Kapoor’ name high in the industry.

Here is why we absolutely love Ranbir Kapoor.

1. He charmed us from his very first movie, ‘Saawariya’ when he dropped his towel! No doubt he instantly became every teenage girl’s favourite poster boy!


2. He is full of humour. From mocking himself and others on award shows to cracking jokes about his percentage in school, RK is a lot of fun!


3. He is often dubbed as ‘Mamma’s boy’ and Ranbir is one rare guy who is actually proud of that title. How sweet is that!


4. He continues to be on good terms with ex-girlfriend Deepika Padukone, who is also his co-star in the upcoming movie Tamasha. In an interview he said, “I have always maintained that she is a beautiful person. Apart from being physically attractive, she is beautiful from within.” Now that’s what we call maturity!


5. His dance! He’s actually a competition to Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan, just watch him dance on ‘Battamiz dil’, ‘Ghagra’ and other electrifying tracks!


6. He always stays grounded and willingly calls a flop a flop and admits the fact that he is yet to get where the Khans are in terms of box office stature.


7. All his movies are different from each other, while he played the role of the ‘Nirmohi’ and extremely lively Bunny in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, the intense role in Rockstar only adds to his diverse filmography!


8. When actors rely on dialogues and screen presence for a hit, Ranbir’s character in Barfi doesn’t utter a single word and still his performance is no less brilliant!


9. He has never got any bad reviews, even from film critics. Whether or not the movie works, Ranbir’s acting has always been appreciated!

We wish the pride of the Kapoor Khandaan a very happy birthday and a lot of success in future!


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