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Movie Review: Katti Batti

Posted on, 2015-09-19 by Stalker, Category #Stalk

The much awaited rom-com drama Katti Batti has finally released and if movie critics are to be believed, this movie has failed to impress and the promise which was made of giving the viewers a fresh love story has been broken, drastically!

The movie shows two crazy youngsters, Maddy (Imran) and Payel (Kangana) who do crazy stuff together, fall in love and then start living together but Kangana who never actually wanted a serious relationship leaves Imran suddenly one day, leaving him heartbroken. He is still convinced that Payel loves him and is not merciless, for there must be some reason behind her leaving him and this brings him back to life.

There are unnecessary dialogues and abbreviations used in the movie (you’ve got to see the movie for this, definitely). The characters do not seem to be well written and therefore the viewers find it difficult to connect to any of them, also the absence of a coherent story makes it even more difficult.

The second half of the movie is filled with pointless toilet humour, which further delays the already delayed climax for no apparent reasons. There are undoubtedly certain good points in the movie which can compensate for all the absurd and pointless happenings (okay, may be not!) but there is something called ‘A one-time watch’ which every movie is, apparently!

So it is actually very important to watch a movie, for then you’d be able to criticize or appreciate it better!

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