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Bollywood Celebrities Who Have Adopted Kids!

Posted on, 2015-09-11 by Kanchan Singh, Category Entertainment

Bollywood celebrities are the trend setters when it comes to fashion and style. There are some celebrities who have set an offbeat trend by bringing about a change in the society, they have broken the taboos around adoption and have taken a bold step towards adopting abandoned and orphan kids and giving them better lifestyles. These celebrities continue to be an inspiration for everyone around them.

The list includes some single parents as well!

Let’s take a look at these Bollywood celebrities who are doing their bit to bring out a change in the society.

1. Sushmita Sen

She is the first actress who comes to our mind when we think of Bollywood stars adopting kids. She decided to adopt a child when she was just 18 and fought a long legal battle for 7 seven years to bring her daughter Renee home!

She later adopted another girl, Alisah after challenging the Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act (1956) which forbade the adoption of a child if the adopter already had a biological or adopted child of the same sex. She is mostly seen with her daughters at fashion events, inaugurals and shows. The actress has not married yet and is a proud single parent taking very well care of her girls.


2. Salim Khan

This renowned scriptwriter followed this unconventional norm much before it became a trend among celebrities. He adopted a girl child after his marriage with actress Helen. The couple named her Arpita and she is the dearest sister of Salman, Arbaaz and Sohail. She recently got married and the marriage was one of the most talked about marriage of the year.


3. Mithun Chakraborty

Some time ago, the news of a newborn baby girl being abandoned on the streets of Kolkata was all over the media. The girl was found in a garbage bin. This moved Mithun Da and he decided to adopt the baby and named her Ishani. That newborn baby has now grown up to be a pretty lady and is seen accompanying her daddy dearest and her brothers on various social occasions.


4. Raveena Tandon

This Bollywood diva adopted two girls, Pooja and Chhaya who were 11 and 8 years old when she herself was just 21! They are the biological daughters of her distant cousin and are married now while she is now full time mother to her children Rasha and Ranbir.


5. Sandip Soparrkar

This celebrity choreographer is probably the first-ever single male to adopt a child in India. He adopted Arjun after a long row of legal battles who has been with him for around 7 years now. It is not usual to find single men adopting kids although the Indian laws don’t forbid it. His adopted son was also present when he married model-cum-dancer Jesse Randhawa.


6. Samir Soni and Neelam Kothari

This couple was planning to go for a surrogate mother but due to some complications, they decided to adopt a baby instead. As Samir comes from an all-boys family, the couple chose to adopt a daughter and after a few months of formalities, they welcomed Ahana to their home and in their life.


7. Dibakar Bannerjee

This ace director along with his wife, adopted a beautiful baby girl from an orphanage in Mumbai in 2010 and named her Ira. In an interview after the adoption Dibakar said, "We've named her Ira. We switched off completely from the world over the weekend to get to know our daughter."


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