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Fashion Guide For Gym Going Guys

Posted on, 2015-09-02 by Kanchan Singh, Category Fashion

Fashion and fitness plays an indispensable role in everyone is life. Working out in the Gym has become a trend these days and keeping up with the latest fashion has become equally important.

 Here is a complete guide for gym going guys to look stylish.


A T-shirt which is the perfect intersection of function and tradition, combining modern technical materials with old school Ivy League is what you should wear to Gym. A stylish and cool T-shirt will be so comfortable that you will want to wear it straight to brunch after working out.


Bottom wear

You need to be really careful when choosing the bottom wear for your workout. If you choose pants for the gym, make sure they reach your ankles. Too long, and you’re liable to trip on them on the treadmill. Too short, and you’re wearing capris, which is not a good look in the gym for anyone of the male sex.



With the sheer number of choices in athletic footwear, you’re bound to find a pair that allows you to express a bit of your personality without going over the top. Don’t be afraid of a little color when learning how to dress for the gym.


Good ear buds

You are definitely going to listen to music on your phone while working out, either for motivation or simple privacy. Choose earphones which have elongated earbuds so that they will stay in your ear and provide superior sound quality from warming up till shower time.


Gym Bag

You can go for a simple gym bag or a duffle bag to carry the essentials you require during that period like slippers, deodorant, water bottle or energy drink.


A Fitness tracker

Measuring your heart rate and keeping track of calories burned is a lot easier when someone or something else is doing it for you, which is exactly why some smart people invented sleek wrist bands for this purpose. 


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