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Reasons Why School Friends Are Friends Forever

Posted on, 2015-08-22 by Shriya Bhasin, Category Society

You have probably shared your dirtiest secrets with them and you still do that without any fear. School friends are the best of all. Having spent a major part of your childhood with them makes them even more special. They have seen you at your best and your extreme worst , yet they love you with all their heart!

Be it the joys or the sorrows, the highs and the lows, and all the nuances of what keeps one’s friendship on the go; they have seen it all.


1. Because they start from your early days


2. Because they know you way too much


3. Because they understand you like a sibling, care for you like your lover and will always keep your secrets.


4. Because you can trust them blindly.


5. Because they know your choices and preferences better than anyone.


6. Because you don’t have to pretend around them.


7. Even if you don’t talk for days, you can instantly connect with them.


8. Sometimes they’ll tell you more about you than you know about yourself.


9. Because you have spent a major part of your life with them


10. Because they are really, genuinely in love with you!


Call your best friend from school right now and make plans for this weekend, your next trip or just an unforgettable night out!

Make memories!



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