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Delhi Is Breaking Stereotypes: 'Beti In Demand'

Posted on, 2015-08-20 by Kanchan Singh, Category Society

Delhi is all set to break the stereotypes of the society where girl child has always been considered as a ‘Bojh , NGOs of the city have reported that they have been receiving more requests of girl child adoption in the recent years.

With dual-income nuclear families and young couples no more depending on family elders to take decisions, there has been quite a social change in Delhi, where those who are looking to adopt, want to bring home a girl. Awareness campaigns may not have been able to convey the message to the wider demographics and at the grass root level but they have influenced the educated section of the society that no longer believes in the gender inequality and want to contribute towards social change.

Improving financial conditions is one of the main reasons for the rise in demand of the girl child. Most urban couples who do not have any financial problems often consider girl child over a boy for adoption. Then there are couples who already have a son and want to complete their family with a daughter. There has been a lot of change in the mindset of people. A girl child is no more considered a burden by the society.

Couples who have adopted a girl child or are planning do so often give arguments like girls are more caring; they are more affectionate and are better connected to their parents compared to a boy. This has been a proven fact in numerous cases where a daughter has been much more supportive to her parents compared to the son, no doubt sons can take care of the financial needs of the aging parents but they can never be that emotional anchor that a daughter is to her parents.

The stereotypes still exist but mostly in families where the elders take all the decisions, with the coming in of nuclear families and with the increasing trend of both men and women working, couples often prefer adopting a girl for she is sure to be the emotional strength that a son can never be. 

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