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India Is For All: Transgenders Singing Jana Gana Mana!

Posted on, 2015-08-13 by Aditi Parashar, Category Society

It is just 13th of August and I feel all patriotic and teared up due to this super touching video made by the Yathartha Pictures. The video features seven transgenders singing the National Anthem of our Republic of India and honestly watching that has been enough to make my day today!

We are living in a world of denial and honestly, we are very comfortable doing that. First we denied the presence of trans, then we denied them their status in the society and now we deny them their status granted by the SC as well!

Listening to this absolutely beautiful tribute to the National Anthem today not only teared me up but also opened my eyes to the fact that 'India is for EVERYONE!'

The most heart-warming part is the youtube reaction to the video

So glad to see us country-men coming together for this wonderous cause at the advent of the independence day!


Well You certainly don't want to miss out on this today, so watch it now and tell us how you feel about it!



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