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Chetna Mehrotra's Views On 'Empowerment Through Expressions'

Posted on, 2015-08-11 by Stalker, Category Society

Drama based learning facilitator, Dance drama-in-storytelling artist, and wardrobe and etiquette consultant Chetna Mehrotra speaks up for our campaign #WomenSpeak, this is what her views are about 'empowerment through expressions'.

Nature values all its creations, the trees, the rivers, the mountains, all remain steadfast in their identity; none demeans or dominates the other.

Women and men too have their relevance in the entire scheme of the Universal law. They may not be equal in their physiological make, but share equivalence. They both are entitled to live a life of their choice.

Women represent the consciousness while man defines the "being". Without one, the other has no value of existence. With a long history of patriarchy, feminine energy is now knocking at the threshold of a great tumult. It is in a pregnant state, in the state of labour pain waiting for birth of an era of a shared presence with the masculine.

In various societies around the world, women are taking charge. They are re-claiming their power! It is important now than ever for women to realize their worth; speak up and step up. We all have rights to a life we want to lead. Even if it is a job you want to take up, a trip you desire to go on, a hobby you have been keen to pursue, Do it!

While the men too are finding their way to their hearts, women are finding their way outside their doors. Complementing each other's lives and journey will make us happier and prosperous. Heart intelligence is the key to exist on this Earth.

Men and women must realize that the dark roots of co-dependency lead to independence. Independence must lead to Interdependence.

Interdependence is the key. Giving each other an equivalent space is the answer.


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