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Neelakshi And Oiendrila Ray, Founders Of 'Nee And Oink' Clothing Line Share Their Views On #WOMENSPEAK!

Posted on, 2015-08-04 by Stalker, Category Society

Founders of the clothing line, 'Nee and Oink' speak up for our campaign 'Women Speak'. Here's what they have to say on empowerment through expression...

"Leadership has generally been viewed as the domain of men, a myth often perpetuated by the same men who are in positions of power. The resultant gender biases and pay inequality in the workplace have plagued women for generations.

Too often, we are our own worst enemy in this regard, considering the phrase “think like a girl” to be an albatross to be cast off, as we strive to be more like our male counterparts in business. What is really so wrong about thinking like a girl?

We should support and empower each other, as mothers, leaders, entrepreneurs and businesswomen to revel in our unique approaches to challenges. Women are, by nature, collaborative… let us wholeheartedly and unabashedly adopt this in businesses, enhancing teamwork and mentorships in our organizations. Women are able to understand the importance of family … let us instill the same values in the daily lives of our colleagues, an approach many emerging companies have utilized to great benefits in attracting and retaining talent. Finally, women are natural bridge-builders, with an inherent ability to empathize. Working with, and not against, our peers can only lead to greater progress in all areas of our lives… social, familial, business and geopolitical.

Women need to embrace these differences in how we view and react to the world around us… differences that are great assets, and NOT liabilities. We need to empower each other to “think like girls.”



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