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3 Biggest Fear Of Men In Bed!

Posted on, 2015-07-30 by Rishabh Gupta, Category Lifestyle

Sex can be like walking barefoot on a minefield while juggling with 3 bombs! Yes, men too have fears while having sex. People think that men do not think about anything else when it comes to sex its all about pleasure but there are a lot of things that are going in there mind.

Here are three biggest fears that men have while having sex:

1. Always having to be the one who initiates sex!

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Majority of men are quite secure in being the ones who initiate sex with their partner. But many men wish their partner initiated sex, at least occasionally. Men would like to have their partners initiate sometimes so that they will know that their partners are as interested as they are. So if you love your man, and think he might enjoy this, you can either ask him first if he would like you to take the lead sometimes, or just try it out! The results might surprise you.

2. Worrying about lasting long enough!

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This is definitely one of the things you thought might be in this list when you first read the headline, Cliche but true! Lasting long enough or satisfying their partner deeply enough might be the most common fear among men while having sex. Men are always worried about whether they satisfy their partner or not and just want to be the best lovers possible!

3. Considering themselves not sexy enough for their partner!

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Many men think that they are not sexy enough for their partners. Not every man has a perfectly toned body, which obviously every girls loves and that makes them self conscious at times. Getting naked with a fat belly or a skinny body in front of their partners who have a sexy body make them worry about themselves.

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