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We all love a little spice in our lives and especially in our food! Our Indian kitchen always smells wonderful because of the spices that come out of our spice box. There are some flavor combinations that taste great, no matter what they’re used in!
Our traditional kitchens have these spice boxes or “dabbas” and I’ve grown up seeing this in mine. I’ve always found a very cultural connection with Indians and our masala dabbas. Whether we live in India or abroad, the spice box stays unanimous with our “rasoi”. This common item holds much more than just seeds & powders; it holds love and flavor! A regular house wife who takes care of her family and an internationally famous chef has the spice box in their kitchens!
It excites me to think just how one circular box with our most essential spices unites so many home cooks and chefs around the world! It’s a symbol of being desi, something which gets passed down from generations. When a mother teaches her daughter to prepare a meal or when a little boy watches his grandmother cook in the kitchen, they learn that the essential spices are kept in that round steel box.
Back to my special spice box inspired recipe, I have created a special & very easy to follow ice cream that I’m sure you all will love. And I assure you, you will find all the ingredients in your kitchen pantry and of course, your masala dabba!


  1. 500 ml whole milk
  2. 200 ml cream
  3. 120 g grain sugar
  4. 2 tbsp corn flour
  5. ½  tsp vanilla essence
  6. 1 1/2tsp fennel seeds
  7. 1/2 tsp black peppercorns
  8. ½ tsp crushed green cardamom
  9. 1 tsp rose essence
  10. 25 g chopped almonds



  1. In a heavy bottom pan, add in around 400ml milk & all the cream. Bring to a boil while whisking constantly.
  2. Add in the fresh crushed black peppercorns, fennel seeds and cardamom seeds/powder.
  3. Add the grain sugar as well & keep whisking.
  4. Mix the corn flour into the remaining 100 ml milk & add it into the cream mixture.
    (Make sure you take the pan off the heat & stir continuously while adding the corn flour or it will create lumps.)
  5. Once done, add a tsp of vanilla essence & bring to boil once more, till thick.
  6. Take the mixture off the heat & let it cool till room temperature.
  7. Pour this mixture into two aluminum or metal tins & freeze for around an hour or two.
  8. When frozen, take it out & cut into small pieces. This will make churning it easier.
  9. In a bowl, place the ice cream cubes along with the rose water essence & start churning it with an electric beater. Make sure the mixture doesn’t get too runny or your ice cream might get ice crystals in it.
  10. Add in the nuts last & mix well.
  11. Decant into an air tight container & freeze!


  1. I have used Amul fresh cream for this recipe, as it is best suited.
  2. Full fat milk will give more creamier result.
  3. Do not let any water get into your ice cream mixture, even while freezing, as it will create unwanted water crystals.




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