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This Will Boost Your Bond Before Having Sex!

Posted on, 2015-08-06 by Aarti Vohra, Category Lifestyle

People tend to be nervous before having sex for various reasons, and therefore it is important to first be comfortable with your partner; acceptance plays a major role in successful sexual life. One must understand and accept one’s partner, the way they are.

Here are some things that you can do before getting physical with your partner.

1. Meditation

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Meditation helps a person be calm and also enhances a person’s ability to take decisions. Meditation helps in sex as well; when you meditate, the calmness and stability that it gives you helps bonding you better with your partner.


2. Remember the happy times

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Every relationship has ups and downs, and therefore sometimes it becomes very important to go down your memory lane and remember the happy times that you two have spent together. This will help you connect better!


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3. Comfort your partner

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One must keep in mind that making your partner comfortable before a physical relationship is very important. Initiate conversations, talk about how the day was, try to involve in each other’s lives.


4. Spend time together

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Spend time with each other and do things that you both love (other than making love!), this will strengthen your bond and also help you understand each other better.


5. Share fantasies

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One should share their sexual desires and fantasies with each other, this helps in understanding the needs and expectations of each other. This will help you give a new dimension to your relationship.


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6. Listen to Music

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Listening to music is a great therapy as it helps you to enjoy and forget all the problems. Listening to music before having sex proves extremely beneficial, love songs will make your love making even better! Try, if you doubt!

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