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How To Break Your Porn Addiction

Posted on, 2015-07-16 by Shriya Bhasin, Category Lifestyle

A healthy curiosity of pornography is not a problem but once it becomes an addiction, it can cause various troubles in your lifestyle. Here are some tips that can help you curb your addictions before it is too late for you.


Have sex

The best way to avoid it is that you indulge in sex yourself. And when you do this regularly, it will ensure that your fantasies and urges find their outlet in the real world rather than in the visual world of others.



When sex is not available, or you do not have a partner with whom you can live out your fantasies, the best way to fulfil your urges is masturbation. This helps release sexual tension and is a healthy way to curb any build up of sexual energy that one may likely to experience.


Live with your parents

Staying alone can even worsen the situation. However, moving in with one’s parents or relatives, or asking them to come over to stay, can help alter the scenario to a huge extent.


Interact with real people

Distracting yourself from the visual world by interacting with real people is another effective solution. Pornography builds up an unreal image of people and its influencing visual power makes you look at the opposite sex in the same light, as porn stars. Meeting other men and women will break this image and let you experience social relationships anew.


Find your hobby

Lack of something interesting is what forces you to spend more time watching porn. So, go and find yourself a new hobby; it could be learning to play an instrument, taking classes to learn a new language, playing that sport you always wanted to play or anything else. The new-found interest is bound to keep you hooked for hours and definitely off porn for long!

If dealt with sincerity and diligence, porn addiction can be done away. Follow the steps to bring your life back on track!


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