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Best Natural Oils To Treat Different Hair Problems!

Posted on, 2015-07-08 by Aarti Vohra, Category Care

Our grandmothers have always advised us to massage our hair with natural oils as it is very important for healthy growth of our assets. Do you remember the ‘champi’ that your mother and grandmother gave you when you were little and it took away all your stress and tensions? How magical that feeling was! Isn’t it?

As we grow old, we get trapped in our hectic schedules and therefore unable to take proper care of our hair.

Here are some natural oils that are proven to relax your mind and free you from all tension and stress; this will also help you perform your daily tasks better.

Almond oil
Most of us are facing the problem of hair fall and breakage due to various reasons like changing weather and dandruff. Almond oil is very useful to control hair fall and breakage.

Picture Source: freeindianrecipes.net

Olive oil
It has moisturising properties; unmanageable and rough hair can be smoothened by applying olive oil.

Picture Source: prairiesource.com

Sesame oil
It contains vitamin E, B and other nutrients and is the most suited treatment to cure dandruff. Massage your scalp with sesame oil, leave it for about half hour and then wash.

Picture Source: www.bollywoodshaadis.com

Coconut Oil
It is known for enhancing hair growth and nourishes our scalp. Coconut oil is also used for cooking as well as for nourishing the body. This oil works for every type of hair, whether dry or oily.

Picture Source: healthtipsinhindi.com

Amla oil
Amla oil also known as Indian Gooseberry; it is known for its conditioning properties and is also helpful in removing dandruff.

Picture Source: totalgoodthing.blogspot.com

Use different oil to overcome your hair problems and look beautiful.

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